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PT-2025 – Mission Critical Paging Terminal by RCOMM

Designed, built, and supported in the USA, the RCOMM PT-2025 Mission Critical Paging Terminal is a proven platform with years of proven experience.

This RCOMM mission critical messaging unit is designed to replace antiquated paging terminals and provides increased capacity, reliability, and flexibility from small to large systems.

Hospitals, medical centers, military bases, public safety EMS, college campuses,  government agencies, emergency services, and businesses (small and large) will benefit from the many features that come standard with the system.  Customization is also available for most any need.


  • 0 to 24 Trunks (Analog or Digital [T1] telephony trunks and SIP trunks).
  • 2,000,000 subscribers standard (limited only by paging format) in SQL Database.
  • Multiple RCOMM terminals can be interlinked via IP LAN with automatic failover option.
  • Multiple simultaneous paging message inputs (via Phone lines, Modems, IP based SNPP, SMTP & WEB Page) Trunk input capacity limited to phone line connections.
  • Multiple administrator or system user programming inputs via LAN.
  • Multiple password protection.
  • Digital Paging Formats supported include: POCSAG 512, 1200
  • Voice formats: Tone only (paddle/coaster for waiting areas), Digital – Alpha and Numeric, Voice, 2-Tone.
  • Multiple transmitter control and interfaces for single and simulcast systems.
  • Multiple DATABASE backup via USB, CD, DVD, LAN or WAN to remote location.


  • Telephone lines or trunks, POTS, EtoE, DID, for Over dial and/or direct dial inputs.
  • Input 3 to 10 digits unit ID.
  • Individual and Group Paging.
  • Standard system greeting and prompts for caller input directions in English. Optional customized greeting, languages and prompts are available.

IP based TNPP, SNPP via LAN/WAN, TAP inbound interfaces for private and public network inputs including: Intellidesk, AMTELCO, Alphamate, InfoRad and related software for modems, IP or direct serial connection.

  • RS232 serial external Alpha modem inputs at 300, 1200, and 2400 Baud.
  • Multiple Transmitters can be interfaced via: Direct connection (TTL), RS232. Tone Remote using Motorola PURC format. Analog Paging with CTCSS encoding. or LAN IP connection.

IP Network connection for simulcast or remote transmitter option available.


The standard terminal consists of a 19 inch wide x 24 inch deep, 5U Rack Mount case.

Server class components including motherboard, Quad core Processor or greater, 8 Gig memory, and 1TB WD enterprise SATA hard drives (Mirrored). 4 Serial ports standard (up to 24 option). internal or external interfaces, depending on customer configuration needs. DVD RW Drive. 6 port USB2+.  OPTIONAL IP paging protocol encoder may be mounted in a drive bay or mounted in the transmitter station.  Expanded systems are upgraded to more capacity.

The power requirements will range from 650 watts to 1000 watts draw, depending upon hardware configuration.  The input voltage is 120 VAC. Duplex outlet.  Dual power supplies with independent A and B power plugs are standard per terminal.

More than a paging terminal, the PT-2025 is a wireless MISSION CRITICAL MESSAGING UNIT that includes the following current technology features not found in older paging systems.


  • Web page input form to input for both alphanumeric and numeric paging messages.
  • SMTP email paging input i.e.: PAGERNUMBER@XPAGING.COM to specific pagers.
  • Search by name, department, or company paging user to send message to.
  • Page copy message can be sent via SMTP or WTCP to cellular phone, email, or alt pager.
  • Unlimited concurrent user message input interface.


  • Complete SNPP and SMTP paging interface for alpha text and numeric paging.
  • Has the ability to send pages to multiple paging systems or cellular SMS carriers.
  • Works with all alpha software inputs using SNPP or SMTP protocols.
  • Will provide a link to download an SNPP or SMTP program to send pages like an Alphamate.


  • Programming of the pagers is administrated via a webpage GUI interface.
  • Remote programming and administration via Ethernet LAN.
  • System programming is protected by password for each user and level if desired.
  • System can be programmed for different classes of email services.


  • Computer server provided with OS (Meets all Dept of Defense requirements).
  • Operating system: Centos OS Enterprise Edition of LINUX with long term support – 2024.
  • Firewall included in the operating system.
  • Customer may provide anti-virus software of their choice for factory configuration.
  • Paging programs and routines are licensed includes one with each paging terminal.
  • Additional licensed program copies available.


SQL Database with search and report writing capability.
Standard reports include:

  • Users by unit/phone number, name, or groups.
  • Capcode report, in use or available, duplicates.
  • System usage by input and call counts, etc.
  • Message log with time & date stamp and data.
  • Custom search & reports available option.


  • WARRANTY is one year with additional warranty or service contracts available.
  • USA designed and assembled using quality components.
  • Onsite installation and setup standard.
  • Existing paging system database conversion available.
  • System manual included for database input and maintenance operation.
  • Programming & setup assistance with remote Internet connection & phone.
  • Remote technical support via Internet connection & phone.
  • Custom programming of web page to use company name and logo.
  • Racks and cabinets available.

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